• Everyone Needs Ice!

    Whether you are having a party at home, going camping, or having a picnic-everyone needs ice!

  • Operate Your Business Remotely

    A business opportunity that can be run from your smartphone-on the golf course, at your business, or while you are on vacation.

  • A Recession Proof Business Opportunity

    Since everyone needs ice, the “Just Ice” vending machine business can provide a sound investment for your retirement or additional income for your family.

  • Great Remote Business Opportunity

    Whether you are looking for additional income or a recession proof business opportunity for your retirement, the ice vending machine business is a great choice.

  • Just Ice, It’s So Advanced, Yet So Simple!

    A leading industry warranty, no employees, remote operation, and “Just Ice” machines do well in urban, suburban, and rural locations.

Welcome to a great remote business opportunity! Find out more about how the ice vending machine business can provide a stable income and be a profitable investment opportunity!

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  • Best warranty in the ice vending machine industry
  • Only 4 moving parts
  • Our machines produce the most ice in a 24 hour period
  • Just Ice machines produce both ice and water
  • Unparalleled client support after the sale
  • Just Ice machines produce either 16 or 20 pound bags of ice
  • Just Ice machines produce 10,000 pounds of ice in a 24 hours period
  • Remote control operation
  • Not a franchise; you choose the area and own your own ice vending machine

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Remote Operation

Freedom and ease. Run your business from your smartphone-whether at work, on vacation, or at the golf course. A simple to run business and everyone needs ice!


Your “Just Ice” vending machine comes with a leading industry warranty and feature cutting-edge electronics and only three major moving parts-It’s Simple-Yet So Advanced!


We are committed to being the industry leader in the ice vending machine manufacturing business, we also provide top flight after-sale customer support.

Recession Proof Business

Own a part of the 4 billion dollar ice vending machine business. Contact Just Ice for a free estimate today 229-294-8062. Financing available.

Ice Vending Machine Business 

Start Today – Just Ice. Making money has just never been easier!

The self-service ice industry is one of the fastest growing business opportunities available today. And within that market segment, Just Ice is changing everything. We are committed to being the industry leader in ice vending machine business, and will make that happen because of cutting edge electronics and our aggressive commitment to our customers’ long-term success. Here’s an opportunity to own an extremely profitable, employee-free ice vending machine business that truly works for you. Imagine that.

Imagine that the only “work” involved is restocking the bags and collecting your money. Imagine being able to check your sales or reset your machines from the golf course or the privacy of home.

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“Just Ice vending machine business, is one of the best & most trouble-free remote business
opportunities on the market today. Simple, easy, no employees; make money even while you are on vacation!”